Mikel Knight & The MDRST have done what was NEVER done before in the music business.

Let me make this clear for those of you that are unaware of how a lie can be told to so many people through FB and nothing can be done about it. Mikel Knight & The MDRST have done what was NEVER done before in the music business. We were the first and only guys in HISTORY to sell 1.2 MILLION records in 42 states in America Hand to Hand in less than 30 months. We had NO major record label backing, NO radio play and NO major TV exposure. Mostly we sold in rural America. Then a wreck happens and the mothers and aunts of the deceased in the unfortunate accident and some disgruntled employees make a FB page and start one at a time messaging people in the towns we go to sell and tell them that we kidnap people. They then get all the locals who are frantic and don’t know the truth to then call the local PD and they start pulling us over and harassing our guys. Then those local TV and newspapers with No major stories in their small town to cover start covering this FB rumor in local papers and then the Families against Mikel Knight FB page shares the local news report on their page and says “see guys they were questioned by local authorities.” Thus making that story have a tiny bit of validity because it was covered by the local press. Then they share that story to 1000 more locals by posting pics and saying “see this story CALL the local police in your area”. All along knowing we are there to make a living and donate to a local nonprofit charity to help our community. The first success they had with this kind of lie was when they accused the MDRST of kidnapping Cody and Ben from the Rocklahoma concert we were nowhere near. The sick administrators of the hate page had that entire search party looking for Cody and Ben in the MDRST Mikel Knight vans and buses for 2 weeks. 20 vehicles searched about 6 times a day. Totaling hundreds of searches over a 2 week period. All the while they were stopping the police from checking in more important places. Like the boat ramp at the lake where their van was parked and the flood waters drowned them inside. The families against Mikel Knight page did not let anyone know they were lying about it and that MDRST had NOTHING to do with it. We spoke to the detectives who apologized to us and a few family members but all in all the Hate page against us learned something. SAY SOMEONE WAS KIDNAPPED and everyone will go crazy to stop them. Thus the Mikel Knight kidnapping rumor and lie began.

TO SUMMARIZE: About a 100,000 people see or speak to our team a day. We speak to local PD about 8O-100 times a day. There have been no charges, formal investigation, or anyone arrested for anything other than driver’s license suspended, not having a peddlers license and one marijuana paraphernalia arrest. Maybe another one in there but nothing major enough to even remember. So to ALL of you who have met us over the years. You know the truth. If you want your sons and daughter to be taught that if you make history and you become successful that they too can be lied about and harassed and to be forced to stop their dream then you continue to SUPPORT A LIE. But if you want your sons and daughters to grow up and believe they can achieve greatness and success and be anything they want to be then make this post GO VIRAL! SUPPORT THE MDRST- DREAMS ARE THE FUTURE, and we want our children to go after theirs!

To finish up I want to say this. CYBER BULLYING is ILLEGAL AND AGAINST THE LAW. So is wasting the PDs time searching for crimes that don’t exist. When this happens to someone you love you will hate it as much as we do. WE DO HAVE THE BEST LAW FIRM IN NASHVILLE representing us and we have already filed suit against several people. But there is a waiting period which we are in before we give the final blow to them. But EVERY LAST one of the ADMINISTRATORS of the hate page is being served with lawsuits plus 3 TV stations, one police dept. and 1 website, and a lawsuit which appropriately includes Ky Rodgers, Justin Hoskins (who actually drove the van and killed the too young men) and the families of the 2 men.(it’s their families running the site unbeknownst to their own lawyers who found out Thursday I might add. This will be a lesson i will speak about my entire career from this day forward – to STOP Cyber Bullying. Our lawyers needed time to draw up the suits. Build the case and serve them and our private investigators have to track them all down. And that all takes time. But that wait is all but over. The LAW works for the innocent as well. Please if you have ever come across the MDRST, bought our album and or have heard these lies and rumors against us.



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