2012 is off to an amazing start!

Well folks 2012 is off to an amazing start with the release of the Mikel Knight “WHISKEY DRINKIN SOB” music video to the clubs and the continuation of the Mikel Knight & The Outlaw Bands national tour. Last year between April and December over 80 cities in the U.S saw the emergence of the maverick Mikel Knight and arguably the best LIVE show in the Hick Hop/Urban Country genre. With the new year already in full swing and heading into spring Mikel and the band have continued their relentless touring to show the industry and the fans of country music that there is a new contender in the live music circuit. With a pace set to put in well over 100 shows by the end of 2012 and 2 new albums releasing as well its looks as though Mikel Knight is poised on the edge of a stellar year. Mikel Knight “The Urban Cowboy” album will be out in stores by summertime and then the infectious rebel rap Duke Boyz album titled “Denim & Chrome” is also slated for a sweltering hot summer release! Make sure you sign up for the Maverick Newsletter her on the site to get exclusive tour footage/ free mp3s/ and updates as the year progresses. Also find Mikel Knight on Facebook and check in from time to time to see where he is in the country. Thanks guys. God bless and keep it country

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